With Change

by Mildura

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released June 17, 2016

Recorded by Michael Craver at Little Lamp
Mastered by Azimuth
Art work by Megan Brubaker



all rights reserved


Mildura Claremont, California


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Track Name: What I was
I would like nothing more, than this to be the way it was. You'd go, and return to your home, and times not running out.
Somethings change and somethings don't, the weather stays wet and cold. You'd go and return to your home, I'd stay and do the things I always do. December, it won't come soon enough, bring me who I was and what I want.
Track Name: Soft Skin
I wanna know
I wanna know about him
and what you find so attractive.
It is it blue eyes, his soft skin, the way he's educated, or all the money he's in?
I wanna know
I wanna know about him,
and what you find so attractive.
Is it is long hair, the way he talks smooth, the way he loves the travel, and wants a family too?
I wanna know.
Track Name: Younger
i think you would have liked me more when I was younger.
A little more handsome and a little less to understand.
I think you would have liked the way I spent my weekends, trying to avoid my friends, not giving into world demands oh no.
No I know what I want, but it's hard to hold on, No I know what I'm not, but it's hard when it's gone.
I think we would have been best friends through the summer, I know it would have hurt less to wake up every day around noon. I think I would have been something worth holding on to. You would've wanted me with your friends, I wasn't such a mess back then.
I think we would have been best friends.
Track Name: How On Earth
Hey dad, I just can't quite figure, how on earth you learned to grow much older.
Eating dinner alone, in a house that's not home.
Track Name: Everyone You Know Now
When everyone that you know now. Everyone that you came here with, they don't make you feel better, they don't make you feel what you're worth now. Come on but you drive through the same town. I know.
I'm trying not to sound bitter, you can't expect for time to stand oh so still, I got a trick that I think will help you. It's to move on quick before they notice you're goe, it's either them or you now. I know.